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Discover Backwards on Purpose - Uncut

A Raw Uncut Blog about Federal Prison experiences while serving a Life Without sentence. Please join me on my journey.

Welcome to BackwardsOnPurpose-Uncut, the true unique experiences while having served more than 20 years thus far. This is just a glimpse at what Life is really like behind these walls.


- J.C. Carlson is the pen name of a prisoner who has been incarcerated in the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) for over 20 years. This pseudonyms used for either:

-Act as a literary device and persona to assume neutral objectivity in order to reflect the truth of this environment accurately.


-To protect the author from Pissed Off BOP Official's who probably won't be to thrilled about him publicly Spilling the Beans on what is really going on in there.

Pick one. 

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