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CE - Lessons We Learned pt.2

"The Lessons We Learn- Part Two"

As I explain in part one of this post, because of the way the federal prison system is run and structured most prisoners are conditioned in a specific negative way. We learn time and time again to distrust the authorities. We learn that to negotiate our day to day environment in a safe and more sane way that we have to skirt the established rules. If we are to live with any semblance of regular humanity, we have to freely participate in black markets and bureaucratic corruption and mismanagement. If you weren't a asymmetrical thinking professional criminal/free-radical when you came in, you'll sure as shit be one when you leave.

I bring this up and point it out because it eventually directly effects you. Yep. You. Since the vast majority of prisoners in the fed system have out dates (they're coming to a neighborhood near you if they're not there already) the rehabilitative hearts and minds change that does (or in reality, does not) take place has a direct correlation on not just overall recidivism but obviously potential public safety as well. The point being that an inhumane draconian and antagonistic police state reinforces and creates criminality and has prisoners double down on their illicit and/or immoral behavior as a matter of natural human course.

When you knee-jerk emotively see the authorities as an active and hostile enemy because they do shit like: casually deny you life or death medical treatment... lie and put you in dangerous situations based off of their own lazy convenience like telling you everything is fine while putting you into a cell with another prisoner who has just told them "If you put anyone in here, they're done."... treat those in their care with that special cop sardonic condescension... break all the policies that exist in terms of their own professionalism ... assault restrained prisoners like it''s the socially fashionable "in" thing to do. When the only way you can get regular servings of non-toxic foods (like fresh vegetables) is to buy them yourself from the prison black market. When the only way you can get a new pair of socks or underwear that isn't threadbare and unserviceable (with proud literal piss and shit stains) from laundry is to pay one of the workers to provide them. When the only way you can live in your cement cage like a human being and not go sensory deprivation insane is to disregard the rules for rules sake dress-right-dress anal bullshit ("You can't have a picture of your kids sitting on your locker! Is that a homemade picture frame? That's against the rules! I'm confiscating this!"). When everything you have to do to make it puts you in direct opposition to the powers that be, this whole facade obviously turns from any type of "corrections" to the truth of it a learned assembly line for criminality.

In order to change this, the negative truth of the system and exactly what it does, a new rehabilitative paradigm must be embraced. Which sadly, will probably never occur. Change here only occurs with heavy outside ("free-world") political pressure. And we sure as shit don't have enough of that. People think they know what the prison system is and how it works when they absolutely do not. It does not work when it could (again- "Backwards On Purpose)for everyone, both prisoners and society as a whole.

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