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CE- No Safe Space pt.2

So this weird thing happens when you get older and the family starts fading away into the void... regardless of your level of connection to them or closeness, it's like a mortality and existential check that makes you feel somehow hollow or alone in their absence. A feeling of "What is the point here?" whispering at the edges of your ability to hear. The less people that are blood related (or connected through blood relations that we identify as "family") you have and it seems to me like the less one cares about being alive or making an effort at pushing forward into the constant difficulty that the future brings.

    That sounds somewhat morose, but having any familial connection like that is something that I think is a major contributing factor to socio-psychological well-being. Having both parents dead, all grandparents, all aunts and uncles, and being out of touch with my sister (who is a kicked dog complete emotional basket case) makes me personally feel an heavy negative solitude unattachment that makes it easier, I think, to be more prone to acting in careless ways.

     We're social animals for a very good (force multiplier) reason and even though you may not consciously feel a deep shake-up at this passing, it still has an effect that I think should be explored and reflected upon. Capice?

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