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CE- No Safe Spaces

No Safe Spaces

There are of course no bitch-ass millennial snowflake weakness enabling "Safe Spaces" in federal prison. Thank God for that. We're on sink or swim, man up or die, straight Sith time. However some things used to be sacrosanct and totally safe which have recently proven to be anything but.

You used to be able to support someone's hustle and pay a few stamps for a chincy flat-ass almost all rice burrito when you had a mind to. That was actually one of the rare charming points about prison... the entrepreneurs were always throwing together food for sale from items they bought from commissary or stole ("liberated") from the chow hall. That shit is now officially all-the-fuck-way dead. Not because someone got caught throwing handfuls of pubes in the food they were selling or anything predictably horrible like that. No, we've gone straight past that into the scary surreal.

Long story short. Assholes in another unit got their hands on a bunch of PCP and ketamine. Like a lot of it. They got the bright idea that they could stretch any potential profit from selling it if they mixed it up with some liquid and put it on paper for people to smoke as if it were K2. So that's what they did. Mixed it all up in a bowl and dipped paper in it and sold the shit out of it to all the resident K2 zombies. Forget that individual dosing is going to be like playing Russian roulette. We need a prison FDA for real.

They washed the bowl and then decided it would be a good idea to make a bunch of burritos. Of course they used the same bowl that the chemistry experiment went down in. They then sold said burritos and half the unit went absolutely fucking insane. Running around, dicks out, screaming, fighting PCP insane. This all ended with staff and prisoners getting into it, people going to the hospital, and other people waking up in the SHU having no idea how the fuck they got there.

No Safe Spaces. Not even peer cooked yum-yums anymore. No eating or drinking ANYTHING unless you took it out of a sealed package yourself.

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