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CE- The Restart Blues

Since early 2019 this prison has been on some sort of "modified operations" due to the C-19 freak out. That's a fancy way of saying that we've been on some sort of lockdown or limited movement, crammed all on top of each other like crabs in a bucket with limited options of things to do and little to no outlet for the understandable human frustration of having 150 men constantly forced into very close quarters. It's been a slow boiling high stress festival of absolute shittiness.

     What has occurred since all the housing units have been isolated from each other for so long is that each one has become it's own wee fiefdom. They have all independently developed their own new social norms, with their own leaders, followers, and outsider malcontents. Usually, each prison is homogenous in its social and political norms. What is accepted and acceptable in one unit is the same as all the others. Each unit is a carbon copy of the rest and what goes in one goes in all the others. Because of that, there is much less friction. But now that we've been isolated from the rest of the population for literal years, each unit is it's own independent government, and that stabilizing homogenized standard is no longer the case.

     The institution is supposedly restarting normal operations on the 6th of September. And mark my experienced words... the hot diarrhea is going to hit the fan as soon as it does. Why? All of these little unit fiefdoms that have their different ways of doing things will be seen as morally objectionable by others under different unit banners and intergroup drama will pop right off as everyone gets back together again. "So and so did/said x/y/z? Get that motherfucker!" Pow! Violence all over the prison until everybody is back on the same sheet of cultural music. Add to that the monopoly in the illicit markets that has been enjoyed by a select few in the individual unit will now be in competition with the rest of the units on the compound and there will be violence based off of that to eliminate competition and dominate those extremely lucrative markets. Add a dash of people hiding out in each unit that may not be welcome but they've gotten it off because we've been isolated for so long and as soon as their presence is known by others in other units (because they told on somebodies case or shot somebodies cousin or whatever)- Kerplaw! More instant violence.

     The next few months are going to be an absolute stress filled dangerous shit show which will require everyone who values their own safety to maintain constant awareness and extreme vigilance. It's really easy in close quarters like prison to get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and being the wrong color, or religion, or from the wrong place get jumped, stabbed, disabled, or worse.

     I pray that my fortune telling is wrong. But it's not and it's going to be a very interesting rest of the year.

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