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CE - Weirdest Shit Ever

Crunch-crunch-crunch. I start in on a new handful of inconsequential termite munchings and my attention sort of falls into the noise. Crunch-crunch-crunch... like I imagine a hypnotic induction would go. After an unknown amount of time in this more focused state, another part of my attention splits off and notices something. The noise of my fellow prisoners outside my door was following a previously unnoticed deeper weird rhythm that I suddenly recognized as a pattern. I listened to the pattern and was suddenly able to predict what was going to happen or be said. In essence, repeated instances of precognition. I somehow knew right before it would occur that Donato Perez was about to scream at his cellie and loudly drag his chair across the dayroom. I thought it, and a second later, it happened exactly as I thought it would. I knew Shorty was about to yell to Chino and ask him when the food they were cooking was going to be ready... boom, it happened a second later. I knew RC was about to make fun of Jason and then boom laughter... then it happened almost like an echo to the original thought. This continued for some time. I thought it. It happened. Over and over again. The whole phenomena reminded me of how you can, when listening to music, predict a change in the way the music was going without ever hearing it before, because music follows a discernable pattern. I was firmly seated in this predictive loop that did not fail to inform me immediately before anything external occurred.

Then, at the same time, I began to actually "see" little pixels of what I assume was the same phenomena. My awareness had spread from only auditory to visual. When I focused visually in an area, I saw little waxy cubes of different shades form. As if they were the building blocks and what made up what I was perceiving. Each area I fixed my gaze upon would break down into the little cubes. Even stranger, as I looked physically up they would lighten in color, and as I would look down they would darken. At the lightest they were candle waxy white, at the darkest they were dark bloody ear-wax brown. It was surreal and absolutely beyond anything I had ever experienced before.

While all this was happening, I had a few simple words pop in my mind. Plop... plop... plop. Because I was afraid I may not recall the specifics of whatever the fuck was going on in this altered state, I actually got up and wrote them down: "Choice. Frequency. Rhythm." What does all this mean? To begin, I think I may have peeked behind the curtain a little and seen that what we traditionally think is obviously not the totality of things. The shit keeps going. There are more than one objective level to this whole enchilada. Specifically to the experience, peoples social interaction and "free-will" choices are as rhythmic as the tides, and if you can connect and become aware of that tidal rhythm, you can predict precisely what is going to occur. Jedi shit. Also, there are tangible higher and lower frequencies (those little cubes... which felt like darker colder death energies vs. lighter warmer buoyant transcendent-possible energies) and we have the choice at any time of which ones to partake in. They don't choose us. We choose them. And we're free to do it at any time no matter the circumstance. And this choice of frequency is related to our focus. What we choose to perceive and our strength of intent dictates whether we energetically consume and walk with the negative death energies or positive transcendent-possible ones. Also, without seeing anything to perfectly verify it, I felt deeply and intuited that this entire energetic framework and basic system goes on in every direction; down the micro, up the macro, and more importantly to all the dimensionally inconceivable that absolutely lays in infinite layered wonder beyond our current comprehension. This is the pattern of all things.

What the fuck? The best I can answer is I was granola-crunch sucked into a small tidal pool of higher reality. I heard and saw and felt the micro ebb and flow of it's tide. I was exposed to what led me to later realize that unless we purposefully break through this predictable auto-pilot automata hive mind into deliberate living, that we are in essence denying any freedom of choice that we may have. We allow ourselves to become repetitive comfortable droning sleeping slaves. Caught in an illusion of repetitive mindless soporific poison posing as dynamic living freedom. Plus I got a wee small taste of the essence of what really is and how it works.

What this all boils down to in my day to day life is that I now know, through direct experience, that I know less than nothing about what is "real". That all my certainties about what is or isn't is the low droning and simplistic mental projection of a drugged insect upon the grand universal scheme of things. I've seen something far beyond my finite understanding and it has humbled me and made me realize that there is far more going on beyond any of my delusional projections upon infinite reality as it actually is.

Or I lost my mind. Or had a mini stroke. Or someone dosed my coffee with areally fucking good hallucinogen. Or I'm on to the aforementioned Jedi type shit. Either which way is peachy okay with me, because it's beautifully different. And seeing something different in this place of baseline negative repetition is always a great thing.

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