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(Previous... an information gathering trek to find out how incredibly delusional incardinated sex offenders are...)

     Once I had gotten JK to give me a little bit of the his bullshit subjective "truth", I started telling him the real truth in return. I had tricked this sub-human into a corner as part curiosity, and to be honest, part sport too. I felt I was ready for any verbal defense or rebuttal. He didn't have any leg to stand on in what he had said or any reasonable continuation of his positions or argument. His web of personal delusions had sailed to that weird point and been given legitimacy in his own mind because he was just so neurotically aggressive in his false and easy to see through claims that people just didn't want to deal with him. He mistook that for having others believe and accept what he was saying. He mistook it for an actual good or solid ground that he could then begin to rest his fragile identity upon.

     So I thought I was ready. For any response or reaction. I was totally wrong. The fucker surprised the shit out of me when he, after a moment or two of maintaining eye contact, looked down at the ground and started quietly crying. Quietly as in no sobbing but the big tears that fell out of his eyes plip-plopped audibly on the floor. Like 100% waterworks. No noise besides his tears smacking the floor, he stood up and walked away, eyes still downcast.

     Whoa. That worked much better than I thought it would. Checkmate!

     I still see JK about once every few weeks. He isn't around or visible as much any more. He isn't loud. If I'm around, he pretends not to see me and leaves. Within the first few weeks of our conversation, I kept thinking (hoping) that the broadside I hit him with would lead to him killing himself. As much as my observations and no cut card straight talk affected him, I thought that was a pretty good chance. But as of this writing, he hasn't yet. We can still hope, right?

     I've had similar conversations with other chos since deciding to retire and stay at this FCI. Although no other question and answer session has had such a spectacular ending, they all tend to have many elements is common. There is always an element of either extreme mollification of their predilections or downright denial of their charges. Nobody just wears it. There is always a song and dance horseshit rigmarole. None of the defensive arguments I've heard so far are anywhere close to convincing. It seems like not much time or effort was actually put into giving their excuses or denials any plausibility. Nothing I've heard can hold up to even the most cursory questions or rebuttals. They all seem to lie very poorly. They give constant visible cues of deceit; inability to maintain eye contact, leaning away, broken postural structure, fidgeting. Their noted social offness manifests itself them even worse than its baseline.

     I believe that with the prevalence of internet weirdness and the influx of chos in the BOP we're going to see some disturbing trends in the future. As I mentioned, they sit in here in little social groups and normalize and reinforce each others deviant ideations. None of these ideas or past illicit/unnatural/immoral behavior is challenged in ANY way by their peers. They tell each other stories and relive past exploits in glassy eyes hypnotized fascination. They are unrepentant and pathological. Add to this that the BOP gives them safe living space to congregate and normalize each others aberrant sexual bullshit, it equals what I believe will be an extremely high rate of recidivism and a higher chance of hands on victimization when they are released. The BOP has become a literal ticking time bomb of sex offenders.

     The only way to prevent what I see as a very negative future inevitability is to ensure that civil commitment is an option for all sex offenders. Once their release date from prison is close, they should be exhaustively examined, tested, and interviewed by psychologists. If they are determined to be a probable reoffender and a danger to society (that mollifying pathological type that I see here all over the place like cockroaches) they should be indefinitely civilly committed to a secure psych institution.

     Besides the Hermes "Treat them like Vampires" stake through the heart pedophile solution (which is awesome and would be very effective but sadly is improbable) that is the only viable solution to the issue I see at this time.

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