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THE STUDY (Part two)

(Previously: I made the decision and stayed in a prison that has got a contingent of weirdos in it...)

     During the next few weeks, I, as per personal SOP, quietly paid attention to everything. What was glaringly obvious to me was the sex-offenders that were afoot were tremendously off. So off, in so many different ways, that I really couldn't help watching them. "Studying" would be a more accurate word. They had so much that was visibly in common with each other that it was like they were their own interrelated sub-species. I felt like a scientist noting and categorizing their commonalities and consistent behavior. I was becoming the Jane Goodall of cho-mos; living amongst and studying a population of strange sub human animals.

     There were a few things that immediately jumped out to anyone who observed the cho-mos for any period of time. They were ALL white (I later found out that there were indeed a limited number of black sex-offenders around. However, they were mostly either rapists or sex traffickers. The reason they were not readily visible is because they were not socially shunned by the black community. They, for the most part, are socially accepted. I think this is because of the aggressive misogynistic cultural and social norms and complete almost violently hedonistic attitudes that are the status quo in black prison society). All these white sex-offenders looked like they were related, as if there may be some genetic component to being a pedophile. They had that general but palpable "offness", as if God fucked them up in some noticeable way as a warning to the rest of us like "Hey! Everybody! Look the fuck out for this guy! Danger! He's the human equivalent of a bridge troll!".

     They were usually physically unsymmetrical, out of proportion, milky white to the point of translucence, and generally frail looking. They walk around in a jerky, "not-physically-comfortable-in-my-own-body", flipper armed, severely uncoordinated way. There was always something physically abnormal about them... you pick it: eyes that are too close together, bad teeth, mega-mind malformed "take me to your leader!" bulbous space alien skulls, whatever weird shit you can think of. Picture what you think a pedophile would look like. Right there, that's exactly what they look like. Fucking weird and one of those situations where a stereotype reinforces the shit out of itself.

     Socially they are just as odd. There is a homogenous inbred "Alaskan Bush People" juvenile social awkwardness about them. I do the majority of my writing at the education department of this institution, which is totally loaded with the creepy bastards. They're everywhere at education, like motherfucking gremlins, so much so that it's nicknamed the "Cho-berry" (a play on words for "library"). So during my time writing down there, I've not only been listening to their inane and sadly immature gibbering ("Hey? Who do you think would win in a fight between Voltron and Iron Man?"), but I have also been interacting with them in what they clearly don't realize is a completely fraudulent way.

     They collectively have such a lack of social discernment (as well as being happily oblivious to very serious potential physical danger) that they have accepted me. It's like when one of the chimps comes up and sits next to Jane Goodall in a jungle clearing and starts grooming her. That's me. Except the chimp is some translucent white creep who got caught with ten million naked toddler pictures on his laptop. They haven't literally tried picking lice from my hair and chimp grooming my hair yet, but they do speak freely to each other in front of me. And when I ask them a question, they answer in their weird "Alaskan Bush People" disjoined way.

     So 99% of them look weird, act weird, and they're extremely immature (and they are, as a sub-species, positively bananas for "Dungeons and Dragons", "Magic the Gathering", and "Ancient Aliens"). That's nothing. Just the window dressing. The most off-putting characteristic that all of them seem to share is this: they constantly attempt to mollify and make excuses for their deviant behavior and predilections. If you're around them when they speak freely as I am, you will hear shit like: "Historically, there was nothing wrong with being sexually attracted to or pursuing a minor.", "It's not like I'm a REAL criminal, I just like to look at what I like to look at online.","It isn't even illegal in some other countries!", "Why are people so down on us? There's no difference between what I did and anyone else did to end up locked up." etc, etc, ad nauseum.

     Hearing this type of bad reasoning and excuses concerning what should be the most basic of human prohibitions ("Don't fuck kids" & "Children and boners don't mix") over and over is positively sickening. There is an across the board and constant chattering attempt to socially reinforce each others evil predatory deviant bullshit.

     This is the really big problem with housing this type on inmate together. When they are together, they inevitably spoon feed each other similar pro-pedophile peer agreements and normalize the abhorrent behavior. I believe that allowing them to congregate like this greatly increases the chances that when they get out not only will they do the same thing, but since they've been emboldened and socially supported for years for the first time, they'll probably go even further down the dark side rabbit hole.

     After listening to these types of peer agreement sessions over and over again, I decided to be myself and just dig a little bit further and personally question a particularly militant sex-offender who we'll identify by his initials, JK... be continued in "The Study (part three)"

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